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In my 20 years experience as a money coach there are 3 areas you need to
focus on to move you to the next level of money. You then keep taking
steps in each area until you get to your desired amount.

Surely if it were that easy, everyone would be rich?

It is a question I ask myself a lot especially when I try and help someone
and they say "don't be silly is can't be that simple".

Yes it is that simple.

No you can't just think one day I want to be a millionaire and expect the
money to show up, you do need to take some action, however it is
certainly not rocket science. Mostly it is a willingness to look at yourself
and then to follow the steps in each area.

What are the areas to work on?

Are you really, ready because I am going to give you the answer?

1. Attitude and Beliefs
2. Facts and Figures
3. Goals and Dreams

YES REALLY that is it.

Improving one thing in each of these areas WILL take your money
situation to the next level.

So why don't people do this I hear you ask?

For many reasons, mainly because people resist change but also each of
these areas requires a different skill and uses different parts of the brain.
Most people focus on one or two areas or don't do them consistently, even
for a month.

The 2 most popular examples are:

Clients creating and believing fantastical goals but they have no idea of
their facts and figures.

Brilliant spreadsheets with all their facts and figures duly documented but
they don't believe they can improve their situation
YES the critical thing is working on all 3 areas so you move to the next

What are the ALL steps to take in each area?

1 Move your attitude and beliefs from negative to positive.
2 Know your facts and figures - how much you earn/spend/save/debts
3 Dream what you want then set realistic goals to get you there

That's it!

Go on, instead of spending hours worrying about money, just spend a
couple of hours sorting it out.

There are loads of books and websites to help you if you get stuck.

My name is Jenny Bracelin and I have been a money coach for 20 years. I
find money theory so exciting that money books became my bedtime

We also like help, so if you want help with your money read on

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