"You just know that Jenny is on
your side."

"Jenny's advice has lifted a huge
burden of stress from me"

"I would highly recommend Jenny
as she is patient, honest,
trustworthy and a pleasure to do
business with."

What are you looking for?

Jenny is an award winning entrepreneur
with over ten years experience of advising
businesses how to be successful.

Practical and motivational, I can make any
business subject sound interesting and
inspire you to take action.

Business is about making money but that
doesn't mean we can't look after our
customers and have a life as well.

Stop worrying, learn how business and
money work instead.

All the best, Jenny

All advice is confidential, independent,
given in good faith and based on
information provided.

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What is the ONE thing?
The one thing you can do
To improve your money?

Take an hour every month
to look at and action your finances.

Add up how much you spent?
How much you earnt?
Pay bills, plan for next month's bills?
Check your interest rates?
Focus on what you want?
It does make a difference!

For bonus points

Once a year, do a complete review.

What are your money beliefs?
Your facts and figures -
How much you earnt/spent/saved/debts
Was it what you wanted/your goals?
What will you do differently next year?

Learn from your mistakes and
Make next year the best ever!
Jenny Bracelin
Business Adviser & Money Coach
07956 218744
Ludlow, Shropshire, UK